A leading provider of alternative alpha strategies in the Commodities and ESG Sector

AiLA's Clients

AiLA's products comprise of assets traded in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Japan, Singapore and the USA.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers source AiLA products directly and execute the strategy in the markets

Index Issuers

Index Issuers source AiLA products to design & launch a co-branded index

ETF Issuers

ETF Issuers tracks an AiLA product . ETFs are co-branded and listed on stock exchanges

Token Issuers

Token Issuers can track an AiLA product which have a basket of cash assets

The AiLA Journey


Expanded product offerings as index swaps via Banks


Launched products in Japan, Australia and Brazil


Created carbon allocation strategies


Platform for product creation launched


Started tracking live performance


Our Presence

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